Deb Gardner Allard, 2017




Would you like to learn a little about me?


I love to write, probably because reading has been my life. I enjoyed reading so much as a child, my mother often found me acting out stories while sleepwalking. I remember one time waking up to find myself scrubbing the bathroom sink. It was right after reading about a girl in an orphanage. I guess that was one way my mother could get me to do chores--give me the right book to read a few hours before my head hit the pillow.


After reading most of the fiction books in my school library, my mother enrolled me in a monthly book club. She also took me to the Bainbridge Naval Base library on Saturday mornings. 


Since both my father and husband were career Navy men, I traveled the USA for 42 years and experienced countless unique individuals. My brain houses a Rolodex of interesting characters and real-life experiences.


So how did I obtain higher education while galavanting all over the continental USA? During two different three-year stints at Navy bases, I earned two college degrees. A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Registered Nursing. The files in my brain overfloweth with anecdotes from those years. After retiring from nursing, I studied with The Institute of Children's Literature which I highly recommend to aspiring writers.


But what most readers want to know is what makes me qualified to write for children?

Answer: Eight bubbly, bouncy, and extra spunky grandchildren ages 3 to 16. Their zany antics and love for reading will keep me writing for many years!


Just to keep the record straight, I'm a devoted Christian wife, mother to 3, and grandmother to 8 with two playful furbabies--a miniature poodle named Lovey and a chihuahua named Farley to round out my family. They provide frequent reasons for breaks.


When I'm not at the keyboard or reading, I enjoy watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS and spending time in the quaint little town of Grand Haven where Lake Michigan summers are beachy adventures.


Three little-known facts about me:


1. I spent a couple of years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpswave.

2. While in boot camp, I won the American Spirit of Honor Medal  "for high example to comrades in arms." I still cherish the medal.

3. And lastly, my favorite treat in the world is mocha-curry coconut milk ice cream, handmade by Love's Ice Cream in Grand Rapids, MI (I'm allergic to dairy).




Hubby and I in the Navy. Fun Times!

Brian and I spent our first duty station at Key West Naval Hospital in Key West, Florida. It was more like a never-ending vacation. We performed plenty of nursing duties at the hospital, but we lived on Bay Point Key in a little cottage surrounded by tropical fruit trees. Thirty feet out our back door the water beckoned. We fished, snorkeled, swam, and to sum it up--had a ball! 

Cutting the cake after winning the American Spirit of Honor Award.

This was an honor I will always cherish--along with the medal.

Giving tips to the Easter Bunny

Here I am giving tips to the Easter Bunny--because, of course as a grandma, I know plenty of places to hide the eggs!