Eva Marie Everson--President of Word Weavers International and talented writer.

What a joy to meet Eva Marie in person. I'd only spoken to her on the phone before the Florida Christian Writer's Conference, and that was a wonderful experience. But meeting her in person

showered  joy on my day. She bubbles with enthusiasm, grace, and charm--and plenty of humor to boot! One day, I hope she writes a book about her writing journey so fellow writers can glean inspiration from her incredible experiences. She is a talented, multi-award winning author, and I am so blessed to call her my friend.

One of the highlights of the Florida Christian Writer's Conference was meeting Eddie Jones!

Mr. Eddie Jones and me.

I couldn't believe I got to eat lunch with Eddie Jones--the Eddie Jones--Mr. famous Eddie Jones. This is how it happened: He was sitting at an empty lunch table as the conference attendees had only begun to filter into the cafeteria. So I asked if he would mind if my husband and I sat with him. He said he didn't mind at all. And that's how I got to eat lunch with him! What an honest to goodness delight!


He is a very talented author. I LOVE his book, Curse of the Black Avenger. It's hilarious and filled with swashbuckling pirate moments and plenty of adventure, which I find deliciously fun to read. Eddie is every bit as talented as Dave Barry and Mark Twain whom I learned, we both admire. Plus, he shared his own writing journey, and I must admit, it's inspiring how he never gave up. Maybe he and Eva Marie Everson should compile a book on the writing journeys of famous authors of 2018. It would help us newer writers when we feel like giving up.


 What a joy and a blessing it was for me to have the privilege of spending lunch with him. Thank you, kind sir, for making my day.


My joy truly was bubbling over at the FCWC, meeting so many wonderful people who are as down-to-earth as they can be. I had the pleasure of sitting across from Deb at lunch one day. Deb shared with me about her New England roots. We discussed its history which fascinates me. It wasn't until I went to sign up for appointments with publishers, editors, and agents that I learned Deb is a publisher. How wonderful to learn she is first and foremost a kind, friendly Christian lady. I'd enjoy having lunch with her again sometime just to discuss more history.


Dan Walsh and me.

Having read several of Dan Walsh's books, I find myself reading when I should be getting other things done--especially when reading his suspense novels--they flow with ease and read so smoothly they can be devoured within one to two days. The thing I love most about Dan is his humility when talking about his books. He shares anything you want to know. And he answers every question with honesty. I asked him nitty-gritty questions about his writing and he never shied away from one. Many new writers put on airs of importance or royalty but not the seasoned ones. They pull up to the table with a cup of coffee, sit down, and shoot the breeze with the ease of a comfortable old friend. I hope Dan writes for many years to come. I'd love to discuss writing with him again.


Here is another down-to-earth writer who in addition to being our keynote speaker,  has written wonderful books, and has won writing awards. Did you know she won a major beauty pageant and she lives on a farm, as well? Tosca was fun, friendly, and open to sharing her writing journey--both her ups and her downs, and she had many down moments before achieving success. What kept her motivated? Encouragement from family. I had the pleasure of sitting behind the front row, right behind her husband. So I received the added enjoyment of speaking with both Tosca and him after every one of her talks. She was a fantastic inspirational and motivational speaker--weaving humor through all of her material. And the best part--she was humble. I feel blessed to have met her.


Bryan Davis gave a four day workshop on The Hero's Journey at the FCW Conference. I learned a ton about characterization, choosing just the right words to paint a picture--showing without telling, and many other parts of plot and structure. He used snippets from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as from his books, especially The Reaper series to illustrate his points. It was an excellent class which I highly recommend. Bryan is an amazing writer and teacher.  I'm so thrilled I had the opportunity to meet him and glean from his teaching. 


Here I am on my 64th birthday. I am 64 years young and I hope to keep it that way. May God bless my family and friends. I'm so grateful for how He's worked in my life and for the friends He has placed in my path.